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In seventies , whole baramati tract was drought prone and agriculture was totally dependent on the vagaries of Monsoon. To save and utilize every drop of water was only way to save crop and cattle. Water conservation was need of the hour for subsistence and sustenance of livelihood. Training the farmers to adopt scientific package and practices in rainfed agriculture and dry land horticulture was also the imminent need to overcome the natural adversities. Considering all these factors I decided to establish Agricultural Development Trust in 1971.
Agricultural Development Trust established with the vision to strengthen the Indian Agriculture by relieving people from the famine stricken situation and empowering their livelihood by addition of values to enhance their standard of living through education.
All the activities of Trust are emphasising to strengthen community by all aspects viz. Agricultural Education, Women empowerment through education and giving them platform for entrepreneurship.
Since 2000, while carrying the responsibilities of Chairmanship of Agricultural Development Trust I have been continuously striving to bring quality, scientific attitude and growth in all spheres of activities of the Trust. During all these years my wife Mrs. Sunanda also shared the major role of women education and related activities like Self Help Groups, Bhimthadi Jatra, Women entrepreneurship etc. While looking back the performance of trust gives utmost satisfaction that somewhere I have been helpful to community. Today, Agricultural Development Trust is developed into a unique conglomerate dedicated to the developmental cause of people. In this endeavor many people, organizations, staff of the trust and my associates supported us. This would have been not possible without the guidance and support of Mr. Sharadchandraji Pawar and principles laid by Dr. Appasaheb Pawar.

Board Of Members

Name Designation
Mr. Sharad G. Pawar President
Mr. Rajendra D. Pawar Chairman
Mr. Prataprao Govindrao Pawar Trustee
Mr. Vishnupant A. Hingane Trustee
Mr. Rajiv H. Deshpande Trustee
Mr. Ranjit D. Pawar Trustee
Mrs. Sunanda R. Pawar Trustee
Dr. Rajani S. Indulkar Trustee
Mrs. Supriya S. Sule Trustee
Dr. Shankarrao S. Magar Trustee
Dr. Avinash B. Baravkar Trustee