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Terms and condition for use of Krushik app

Welcome to “Krushik” application (app). This application is being published by Raintree computing Private Limited (RCPL) in association with Agricultural Development Trust, Baramati. Krushik is android based mobile application from which application registered farmers can get Agriculture related information such as weather forecast, market rate, agro-advisory, agricultural related updated news in marathi language. The application can be updated based on new technology time to time. Before downloading the application, you will be bound by the following terms and our privacy policy. Before downloading/installing or using this application, please read the terms and conditions carefully. By downloading this application, you will be bound by the following terms and our privacy policy bound. Terms and conditions will be effective from date of download. Terms of this application, will be applicable to the upgraded version of the said app. If you do not accept these terms and condition then you should stop immediately to download the application.
1. User agrees that the said terms will be considered as contract and once he accept the said terms, it will be considered same as printed version of the contract.
2. We have registered company in India, so while preparing this app and the content available to users, we have followed the laws of India.
3. The application is available for own and personal use. Applications should not be used for any commercial purpose, for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You must comply with all applicable Indian laws when you use this application. You agree to the fact that, while using said application you will comply with all applicable laws.
4. The application will only work on compatible devices and operating systems and specific functionality. If your device is connected to the Internet, it will work. Some features may be available with some specific operating systems.
5. Until we will not mentioned here, you have no right to resell, copy or reproduce the products or any content part of krushik application.
6. User hereby agrees that, he will not do the unauthorized modification the installed version of app.
7. We hereby assure all the proposed user/existing user that while provided krushik application to the user, we will use our expertise and will take due care..
8. The information and other agricultural related content provided through application is not guaranteed to be reliable. We declared that the said content is provided for information purpose only
9. Users of krushik application are solely responsible for the results derived from the information received from Krushik. Krushik will not be liable to any damage, errors, information and decision judgment provided or taken by the user.
10. The User hereby agrees that he will follow the instructions given by the krushik application from time to time.
11. If the user is getting any symbolic code or One time Password (OTP) or information provided as part of the security process then it secrecy should be maintained about the same.. It should not be disclosed to third party. If the user was unable to comply with these terms, we have the right to disable his identification code at any time.
12. For the use of this application, user must comply with the applicable terms of this application. If user will not follow the terms of this service, it may result in termination of access to the app.
13. All copyright, database rights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights related to this application are to us and our licensors.
14. In emergency situation, if we fail to give the information, in such situation we will assure all the users to provide the information within 48 hours. So at any time, for any reason, we will not be responsible for the unavailability of agricultural information of krushik. We do not guarantee that the user will have access errors. We do not guarantee that the information is right in krushik to use for specific purpose and we do not take any responsibility for errors according to law rules.
15. Material available on krushik application, selection and arrangement of their trademarks, service marks, information, text, sound, images, logos, graphics, page headings, page footers, the script, the title of the service, and other proprietary rights are registered and belongs to RCPL community. User did not have any proprietary rights , title or interest on RCPL property. Users do not have rights to copy, modify, resell any work relating to the said application. Application related rights of RCPL are not transferrable.
16. Any questions or problems arising in the future between both parties shall be settled amicably through the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation act, 1996. Pune court have exclusive Jurisdiction for this Terms. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of India.
17. In future, RCPL have rights to suspend or cease to provide the services of the app without prior notice.
18. RCPL will keep the back up of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Number for the purpose of Farmers’ data base and to make sure that app is downloaded by the authorized number.
I / We have read and understood the above said all the terms and conditions and we accept them.
19. The app doesn’t collect any user data.
20.This app doesn’t share user data with other companies or organization.
I / We have read and understood the above said all the terms and conditions and we accept them.
Krushik Team